Jan Beames


Jan Beames is a highly regarded counsellor, coach and group facilitator. She has developed an enviable reputation in assisting people to turn around their personal, sporting, professional and business lives.

Jan has operated her highly successful counselling and coaching practice for over 30 years, assisting literally thousands of people over this time. This practice has been built by word of mouth. She has pioneered workshops on personal development, self-esteem and self-worth, facilitating many highly successful groups.  

In the area of business, Jan has provided coaching to many senior executives, managers and professionals for work related, personal and career development issues. She has appeared on national television several times, including the 7.30 Report. As a testimony to her effectiveness, many of Jan’s clients regularly travel interstate and intrastate to see her. 

Jan has worked with elite sportspeople and has developed a specialization in assisting people to break their gambling addiction. To that end she and her husband Colin, have recently written a book entitled “Exiting the Gambling Addiction”. 

For direct enquires contact jb@janbeames.com.au

For more information visit https://www.janbeames.com.au/