Robert Postlethwaite

Clinical Psychologist

Rob graduated with a Masters Degree in Psychology from La Trobe University in 1981. The research for his thesis was done at the Alfred Hospital, investigating pain management strategies for patients undergoing open-heart surgery. Following his graduation, he commenced work at Pleasant View in Preston working with alcohol and drug problems and later at Pentridge as manager of the Prison’s Alcohol and Drug Programme.

In 1988, he went into private practice to pursue his interest in chronic pain. He has consulted at the Geelong Pain Clinic for three years and with the Lewis Musculoskeletal and Pain Management programme at Cedar Court Rehabilitation Hospital since 1991. Chronic pain impacts on most aspects of a person’s life and coping with it is a huge psychological challenge for the individual. It requires a lot of learning about pain and injury/illness and creates considerable distress for the sufferer. In this context, Rob’s focus is how you cope with what you have. Those who work at overcoming the psychological and physical challenges maintain some quality of life; those who give up run the risk of losing that quality of life

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