Shiva Chouhan


Master of Psychology (Counselling) (MPsychCouns), Bachelor of Social Sciences (BSocSci: Psychology)

Shiva’s approach to therapy involves walking alongside you and gently prompting you to generate an ever-greater understanding of your inner workings whilst using these insights to motivate and plan for positive change.

Individuals who typically find Shiva’s approach beneficial experience mood-related challenges, such as depression and anxiety, or seek to embark on a therapeutic journey aimed at personal growth and development. In either case, every person brings their unique set of aspirations, and she will assist you in identifying and defining your specific goals. 

Shiva offers a personalized approach to therapy, tailored to your unique personality and needs. Her extensive training has roots in psychoanalytic and psychodynamic methods, which she has been integrating with techniques such as CBT, ACT, and EMDR to enhance positive outcomes.

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